Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sun up to Sun down...sore, but so worth it!

David and I started early this morning.  My hopes were that we would complete everything we ended up completing.  It was a good day.  The overgrowth and tall marsh grass has been cut down to ground level.  Many small trees and shrubby sucker trees were cut down in the process.  Our piles of scrub, sticks and cut logs are growing.  Not only in size, but in location and numbers.  When the day of the big fire occurs, there will be plenty of fuel to burn.  I lost count on the number of trees I cut down today to make the clearing what you'll view in the photographs. My cousin Dave showed up early afternoon with his Kingquad and tugged the felled trees into a big organized pile.  There's much to do, but today was a milestone in that, at the very least, we can "see" the edges of where the fence will be eventually constructed and the garden will be planted.  I'm hoping for 150X150, but if it works out that we expand a be it!

My cousin Dave found a spot for his deer stand way in the back near the creek.  Didn't get photos of that because we put it together and stood it into position in the near dark.  My cellphone isn't a fan of low light conditions.

Here's the photos I was able to capture during the small window of time that the sun poked through the clouds.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Test Post: Round III

Let's see if this post looks a little more "custom" when its delivered to your inbox.  I've changed a couple things with the hopes that they would give it a bit more flare!  I'm continue to write here because I also changed the amount of text that is supposed to be delivered with the hopes that you will click on the title link and venture to the actual web to see the full content of what I've posted.  Let's see if this works.  Thanks for the patience!


Sunday, November 8, 2015

More clearing and cutting....

We were able to spend a few hours at the property today.  You can see from the photos that we're starting to have better access to the clearing.  I tried to use the weed eater to take down some of the scrub and tall grass, but it was slow going with the line attachment head.  I'm going to switch over to the heavy brush cutting blade and hope that it cuts it down quicker.  I need to clear about 150 by 150 so that I can burn safely.