Friday, April 22, 2016

EZ Up Tent to Aquaponic Green House - Construction Photos

2X4" framing will support the vertical tubes and channel the return water gutters below.

The frame is in the shape of a "U".  A pump pushes water through tubing to the top where it trickles down through the tubes and exits the bottom into a gutter.  Two of the gutters will return into a single that flows directly into the 275 gallon in-ground tank.  

25 feeder goldfish provide the growing nutrients (waste), when properly fed and cycled, to supply the necessary ingredients for produce growth.  

To the left, $39 Tractor Supply clearance, seedling greenhouse.  The seeds are planted in 3 week cycles.  As they sprout, they'll replenish the 330 net pots of the vertical tube towers.  

The key, and also the game, is getting the nutrient supply in check.  It is a chemistry equation based on input of fish food, quantity of fish, fish waste, ammonia, ph, nitrate, nitrogen, suspended solids, light, produce water cleaning function, water levels, etc...

When the proper balance is achieved, an aquaponic system requires 70% less water, increases vegetable output by 70%, and requires no weeding.  A well designed system can almost become self sustaining.  Replacing commercial fish food with duck weed grown by the system, running on solar, using gravity and water flow for venturi oxygenation, growing fish that can be eaten, raising worms that are fed leaf cuttings and selling the resulting castings (highly desirable), etc.  The possibilities are endless with a little ingenuity and willingness to redesign and expand as experience is gained.