Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Day Two...ta da, NOTHING!

As a precaution, day two was without progress.  Hydraulic lines survive longer when they're not pushed to work in 10 degree weather and winds.  As soon as it warms to a more tolerable level, the excavation crew will be back to work. 

More photos for now-

Monday, March 4, 2019

The De-Construction Begins!

  Filled with anticipation, we arrived at the farm just after 4pm this evening to find our demolition crew from Bevington Excavation, Montville, Ohio nearing the end of a long day spend dismantling years of slap-it together (permit-less) construction care of the previous owner.  Over the course of nine hours, one third of the home had found its way into the dumpsters and the crawl space.  The front build out and side dormer had completely disappeared.  The view into the upper rooms with only partial floors remaining was interesting.  I can't wait to see the results at the end of day two.

While the crew finished up, I took to finding the rear property line.  It took no time at all to locate the first pin that only stuck out of the forest floor a few inches.  However, the NE pin played hide and seek for what seemed like forever.  Finally, after pulling measurements off known structures (tall trees, ponded water, and black vine masses) observed from satellite images online, I was able to locate the stake.  I still can't believe I found it through the light snow storm and the fact that it looked like a stump from a broken sapling!

Now to mark the lines and install some high-viz and substantial locators for future reference.  We've got a total of 5 acres wooded, 7 acres fenced and the remaining 2.75 acres is taken up by front yard and the home site.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

You'll never believe this...

Things have been evidently stagnant for this blog as a result of several factors.  Securing an excavator willing to take on the task of transforming the wooded landscape into a place hospitable for a home to be built proved challenging.  The cost associated with this endeavor is substantial, to say the least.  Jennifer and I prayed about it, asking God to supply the needs and get things rolling already!  Well, if ever you want to hear the Creator of the Universe laugh, tell him your well thought out plans!

We will be placing this property (7.99 acres) up for sale shortly.  Someone will eventually end up enjoying and maybe fulfilling their dreams of building a home in the country (someday) on this land, but it won't be us...

I'm excited to say that this is NOT the end of our story!  Because God is bigger than any plans we might have, any desires we think we possess and any purpose(s) we believe we might be commissioned to carry out!

In route to this property, there is a farm house we pass by and always find ourselves thinking, "Man, someone needs to tear that place down!"  It is a 14.8 acre farm with 7 acres of fenced in pasture, 4.5 of woods, a chicken coop, a wood shed/pavilion, gravel driveway, pond, mini-barn and a nice sized garage.   However, all these structures are in varying degrees of decay because of neglect.  The house, oh the house!  Someone really needs to tear it down and start over!  Well, I'm excited to say that Monday, 03.04.19 will be the day that WE employ Bevington Excavation to execute that task.  By purchasing this property, we've taken a giant leap forward from the acreage we own just down the street.  Gravel drive (check), well (check), fenced in pasture for livestock (check), cleared areas for the yard and gardens (check)!

Demolition photos coming soon...