Monday, March 4, 2019

The De-Construction Begins!

  Filled with anticipation, we arrived at the farm just after 4pm this evening to find our demolition crew from Bevington Excavation, Montville, Ohio nearing the end of a long day spend dismantling years of slap-it together (permit-less) construction care of the previous owner.  Over the course of nine hours, one third of the home had found its way into the dumpsters and the crawl space.  The front build out and side dormer had completely disappeared.  The view into the upper rooms with only partial floors remaining was interesting.  I can't wait to see the results at the end of day two.

While the crew finished up, I took to finding the rear property line.  It took no time at all to locate the first pin that only stuck out of the forest floor a few inches.  However, the NE pin played hide and seek for what seemed like forever.  Finally, after pulling measurements off known structures (tall trees, ponded water, and black vine masses) observed from satellite images online, I was able to locate the stake.  I still can't believe I found it through the light snow storm and the fact that it looked like a stump from a broken sapling!

Now to mark the lines and install some high-viz and substantial locators for future reference.  We've got a total of 5 acres wooded, 7 acres fenced and the remaining 2.75 acres is taken up by front yard and the home site.

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